Free parking for Crewe and Nantwich (for four days a year)

Snow Hill Car Park in Nantwich
Under new plans, four free days of parking are to be introduced on car parks in Crewe and Nantwich - but spread across a 12-month period.

The move by Cheshire East Council claims to support the borough’s towns and have the flexibility to support special events and busy periods, such as festivals and the run-up to Christmas.

Councillor Laura Crane, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for highways and waste, said: “This is good news for our towns and residents – and local shops and businesses.

“The council faces severe financial pressures – with increased demand for key services and big reductions in income due to Covid-19. However, we wanted to reintroduce this scheme, which was first offered in 2016, to help give our towns and high streets an extra boost – and as a thank you to our residents for their support and patience during the challenges of the pandemic and lockdown.” 

The council plans to introduce a free-parking initiative on a maximum of four days in the next 12-month period. There will be four free days allowed per town or parish council area, in places where charges apply.

Cllr Crane added: “The offer of free parking will be considered on those car parks predominantly used by shoppers and the parking services team would welcome advanced liaison from the relevant councils and notice of the chosen days. This is to ensure there are no other programmed events taking place. The days chosen by the participating councils will follow consultation with their elected members, event organisers, local shops and businesses and charity event organisers."
The car parks eligible for this incentive are:

In Crewe:  Civic Library, Gatefield, Holly Bank, Delamere Street, Lyceum, and Wrexham Terrace.

In Nantwich: Snow Hill, Civic Hall, and Bowling Green Car Park.

To maximise the number of free spaces for shoppers and visitors, free parking will start after 10am. 

Participating town councils will be asked to advertise and promote these free days on the designated sites on the days in question and then remove these materials in a timely fashion afterwards, to avoid any confusion for service users.
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